Pirate Captain body
Don't let the peg leg fool you. Captains are as deadly as their crew and as thirsty for booty as any pirate. Armed with their parrot companion, these guys don't go down without a fight.

Captain's CutlassEdit

Captain cutlass

More Stronger than the average cutlass if the Captain knows how to use it, he can take down even the strongest of the opponents.

Primary Weapon

Damage: charged 80/normal 58


Captain blunderbuss

Although it only holds one shot, the captain comes equipped with backup ammo and has mastered the art of reloading with a hook. These shotgun-esque weapons are deadly up-close and come with your standard warranty. Use your special to load a deadly, exploding shot!

Secondary Weapon

Damage: 88 Delay after the shot damage decreases the longer the distance

Special: 121

Parrot and HookEdit

Captain hook&parrot

This parrot was trained to peck and makes for an excellent diversion. When in desperate close-quarters combat (or looking to embarass your opponent) the hook may also be used to gouge and punch.

Teritiary weapon

Damage: 7 respawn parrot time 30 sec

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