Heavy KnightEdit

Like the Medieveal version of a modern battle-tank, these warriors are capable of withstanding tremendous amounts of damage without so much as a grunt. They wear heavy armour which clatters as they run.


The main weapon of a Heavy Knight is a two-handed sword which, under the right circumstances, is strong enough to kill a Pirate Skirmisher in one hit. The swings take longer to accomplish than the attacks of most other weapons, but if the strike is true, the recieving enemy will have a very nasty wound.

Sword & ShieldEdit

As a secondary weapon, the knight dual-wields a one-handed boradsword and a steel shield. The shield is particularly effective at protecting the Heavy Knight from ranged attacks and Pirate's bombs, as it will absorb most of the damage with little effect on the main armour. The sword does little damage, but if it is used in a bash/slash combo it can be life-saving. Beware: while charging a shield-bash, you are left vulnerable to normal attacks.


The Heavy Knight's special attack is a 360 degree spin which will shove away nearby attackers while dealing a modest amount of damage. Only use this attack when you are either surrounded or in close quarters, otherwise you will miss and leave yourself open to an attack from one of the opposing forces.

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