"The scurvy-infested dogs of any pirate crew.

Despite having a powderkeg strapped to their back, these guys are quick!"



The Skirmisher is by far the fastest class in the game, being able to run off from any high-danger situation in a matter of seconds. However, the Skirmisher is also weak. On a usual basis, it only takes a few good hits to kill him from any of the other classes.


As with any other generic Pirate, the Skirmisher carries a light Cutlass. This weapon isn't bone-crushingly strong, but in the hands of an experienced player, the Skirmisher can eaisly dispatch any foe with a slash/run technique.

Flintlock PistolEdit

As well as the Cutlass, the Skirmisher carries a six-shot Flintlock. It does little damage on armoured targets and is extremely difficult to use for precise shots, often requiring the Skirmisher to go down into a crouch and remain still, but even then the hit is not guaranteed.

Powder KegEdit

Finally, on the Skirmisher's back is a keg of gunpowder. It is a single-use bomb which does high amounts of damage when exploded next to an enemy, as well as throwing them back. The explosion will not penetrate shields and walls of the environment, so time the boom carefully.

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